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Josh Pittman
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Geecho Hyung Il Bu application and drills

Here's my interpretation of the first two moves of Geecho Hyung Il Bu (or Tae Guk Il Chang, I suppose). I've been experimenting with developing progressively live drills to practice it. The progression goes something like this: 1) the form. 2) One-step sparring. 3) Practicing the two strikes on the heavy bag to develop the proper body mechanics. 4) Sparring drill wherein one person throws jabs and crosses at 50% speed and the other seeks to use the combination as a counter. Drill ends when the designated partner uses the combination defensively 10 times. 5) Live sparring, all strikes allowed, but points are only awarded for using the combination; the first partner to use the combination 10 times, either offensively or defensively, wins.

Any feedback on that progression or on my interpretation of the form is welcome. I can imagine, for example, that the progression might need to be modified if it were to be used to practice self-protection rather than fighting. I'd also be curious to hear interpretations from clinch range.


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I think l the jamming motion after the punch is an interesting idea. This is an application Sensei Abernethy teaches for the same movements from Pyung Ahn Cho Dan. The application of the hammerfists is my own contribution.

Josh Pittman
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I like that. I've also wondered if the second low block could be an arm drag, but I haven't been able to get that to work yet.