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Chil Sung Sam Ro Applications

Please excuse me, I'm new to this (working applictions/bunkai from forms/hyung/kata).

I was reading through Iain's Book, "Understanding Kata & Bunkai, Karate's Grappling Methods" and on page 44 Iain suggests a application for a throw in Rohai. The front foot sweeps back into a crane stance and the arms sweep back at the same time. We see this in a lot of different places, usually with varrying arm motions. In particular, a sequence from Chil Sung Sam Ro stood out to me. I have found a video on youtube and looped the relevant section below (0:46 to 0:56). There are two interesting things in this sequence:

1. The "double block" before the sweep/throw. I believe this is a strike or a brace, perhaps an entrance into the throw. The upper arm could be a strike to the face and the lower arm is in place to receive or grab the leg.

2. The forward push afterwards. I believe this is a "backup" to the throw. I've heard this called a staff block or oher such strangeness; I really think this is a push. Should the throw not work, follow through by pushing your weight, and your opponent, forward.

I don't have a training partner at the moment so I can't really work this out in other than on my own but I wanted to see what you all thought.


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I do not know why we jump into the second move (crane stance), perhpahs to signify that it's an explosive movement? Maybe it just looked cool to someone and they decided to keep it :p Also, it would work better if that first step in the sequence were mirror image.