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Self Protection in Regards Cars

Last night I visited a public house with my cousin. He was driving. On departure we discovered that he'd parked in the car park but as far away from the door as possible for reasons of personal safety.

Now, my cousin hasn't done a day of martial arts in his life, to the best of my knowledge. However he was a soldier stationed in Ireland during The Troubles. I remember a time of him having to check underneath his car for bombs as a matter of habit. I have much respect for his view yet I can't understand this one.

I do teach self protection aspects around cars. Things like how to enter the car with best vision, keeping doors locked, planning the route, that sort of thing. And where possible/practical reverse parking with an idea of how to depart. Also parking in a well-lit area and I would add close to the destination building. My cousin feels that my parking about from the building he's less likely to incur damage to the car from careless other drivers and their doors. I understand this. I cited that where he'd parked gave greater opportunity for ambush but he disputes this.

What are your thoughts on this generally but also any other useful self protection tips for journey via car?

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Bear in mind that if it's at a pub, people gathering near the door will not draw a great deal of attention. It's normal. Especially in places where smoking is banned indoors (the UK and I think lots of places now). If your car is near the door, then it's hard to tell if people gathered near it are gathered near the car, or gathered near the door.

If your car is across the car park, and while approaching it, you realise you have company, then you'd be more inclined to wonder about the intention of those near you. Perhaps you then have more opportunity to spit trouble early and change your plan to mitigate it.

Personally I think if it's the kind of place where I'd genuinely worry about the prospect of being attacked, I think it's the kind of place in wouldn't be at in the first place. Personally I'd park away from the door for exactly the reasons your cousin said. Ie to reduce the risk of accidental damage, but also so that I could get into the car without letting clouds of cigarette smoke in my car at the same time.

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I tend to park under a light, in a space I can get into and out of easily. Perhaps not in a far corner but also not right by the entrance either (both have issues). Most of the time I can't be bothered to drive around too much and just park in the first place I see.