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Heian Sandan. Defence against front choke.

Koshi guruma, 'hip wheel' is found in Heian Sandan. Movements 9 to 11 can be used as defence against a front choke.

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Andy, thanks for sharing this video, really enjoyed it.  I seem to remember meeting you once at Iain's seminar in New Jersey (it's been two or three years now).  I'm glad I've found your Youtube channel, I look forward to checking out more of your videos.

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Yes, I was there in April 2016. I just saw him again in Sept and am heading to the UK for his residential course in May! Glad you liked the video. Iain has been a huge influence.

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Very good! Clear demonstration and easy to follow.

Thanks for sharing.

Take care,


John M Avilla
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This is great stuff and has wide applicability. No need to wait to be choked, just punch the guy and thrown him! Love it!