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Ian H
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"the other guy" may be a lot tougher than he appears ...

Well, check out this short video and have a chuckle:


The take-away for the self-protection community?  Don't assume that the hotheadded guy you are dealing with isn't as "soft" as you may have assumed him to be.  Some guy is getting agressive and your ego is telling you "he's a jerk ... I can take him ... I don't have to chicken out and walk away" ... 

We all like to talk about the wisdom of just walking away.  But we all have Ego and are tempted to stand and "prove our manhood" and all that jazz.  Now, while the hothead you are dealing with almost certainly isn't an undercover cop, he may well have some hidden advantage of skill, strength, or weapon that makes him far more dangerous than your initial impression suggests.  

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If life teaches us anything, it is that a person who is single minded in his or her intention is a force to be reckoned with, even if they are not very strong physically.

But in case anyone has missed that lesson, a quick look in any of the training halls I've been in should be enough. In my current one, we have text book athletes in their late 20s. Muscles and athletic build and excellent technique. But we also have weathered older folk. If I had to pick one person from our hall that I think is most invincible, it is a scruffy old short fat guy. He looks like he'd be nothing in a fight, yet when you partner him he can seemlessly switch at will between being as immovable as cast iron or as fluid as the breeze. He's also the only guy that insists that you try to punch him full force at full speed. We always miss. One day I hope to figure out how he does it. There is no visible sign of effort when magically changes from being the target to standing beside you with a clear line to your head.

It doesn't take much to work out that if this nondescript old guy can move like a ninja then perhaps other average looking folks might also have more ability than might be immediately obvious.

My favourite take home lesson is, don't fight unless you really, really have to, and if you do, then make everything you do count with a view to extracting yourself as safely and quickly as possible.