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Les Bubka
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Kanku Dai Opening sequence (Kyokushin)

Hi all

In this clip we are focusing on the opening sequence in Kyokushin version of Kanku Dai kata. This is the first and basic bunkai oyo for these sequence, we are looking on the inside entry. Meaning that opponents arms are on the outside of our body, we are trying to clear the path to place ourselves on the outside and take advantage.

After initial movement partner managing to escape and continue attack.  Other option for the same sequence is when we end up on the outside, I might record that in the future depending on interest.

This entry is very similar to Iain’s but I wanted to show the little hands swap that goes with Shuto Mawashi uke :)

Kind regards 


Chris Jvrn
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Ok, that is a different version of the kanku dai I am used to, I like the parry-pass in the opening moves. Thanks for this one. 

Les Bubka
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Thank you Chris