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High School Martial Arts 11 exam samples

I teach Martial Arts 11, an accredited course at Charles P Allen High School in Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada.

The practical exam requires students to create a number of two-person drills to deal with Habitual Acts of Physical Violence. Students then create the solo representation of these drills as kata. Essentially, students are mimicking the evolution of karate kata as was done by the old masters. 

The Martial Arts 11 exam is as much an exercise in critical thinking as it is a demonstration of physical skills. In their drills, students were required to include strikes, throws, chokes, locks and some applications on the ground. You'll see techniques from Koryu Uchinadi, Jiu Jutsu and judo in this video all of which can be represented by kata. Have a look at the two samples included here.

For more information about the course, visit my blog site... https://appliedshotokan.com/the-inclusion-of-karate-in-the-public-school-system/


Andy Allen


Iain Abernethy
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Hi Andy,

You are doing an awesome job there! It’s very clear those young men and women get how kata is supposed to work! It’s a good illustration that kata is not some deeply mysterious thing that can only be understood by the initiated after decades of practise. Love it!

All the best,


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Thanks, Iain. These kids put a lot of work into this. Cheers.

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This is just amazing, Andy. These kids understand karate on a higher level than many brown belts I've met.

Outstanding job you do there with your students! I remember you posting material from your course some time ago, and that was also awesome.

Keep it up! And thanks for sharing.


Heath White
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Wow, this is great.  Not only an introduction to a wide range of techniques, but the ability to use them, and an understanding of what forms are for.  Less emphasis on nitpicky details.  I imagine this installs a lot of confidence in the kids.

It looks like I may get to teach a college course like this in a few months.  I am taking notes!

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Excellent job, both from you and your students. Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing

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Thank you, Marc. :)