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Les Bubka
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Kanku Dai - Hopping

Hi all

In Kyokushin version of Kanku Dai there is sequence of (depending on organisation) six or seven jumps in morote ashi with double shuto gedan uchi.

This short clip shows my approach to this sequence and options available to explore.

Kind regards


Iain Abernethy
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I like it! Thank you for sharing.

While the Kyokushin version of Kanku-Dai is unique, this sequence is also found in other kata. In the video below I play with the start of Seisan (Goju-Ryu / Shito-Ryu version); where the same motion exists. I show a leg hooking application very similar to what Les shows. There’s much more detail information on the motion in Les’s video, but I thought I add this show how one of the things Les shows fits within the context as presented by Seisan.

All the best,


Les Bubka
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Thanks Iain, I don't do Seisan but I love your clip and I agree it fits with Kanku