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Les Bubka
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Basic Tactile Drills

Hi All

One of my viewers watched clip from 5 years ago and asked if I can re record it, so here it is part one.

Kind regards


Nate Tam
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Les, thanks for the video! I've done drills similar to this, and am currently crosstraining in wing chun, which impliments a lot of tactile drills and concepts just like this.

It's great for learning repetative motions to secure limbs and create openings for offensive techniques. 

My personal opinion though is that in most situations outside of drills, using these kinds of actions simply takes too much time to use. In a sparring, letalone real self-defense situation, I wouldn't consiously try to use a lot of strategies like this. Defensively, I think there's a lot of attention being paid to the incoming technique, continueing that attention for too long. Anytime you have both hands on 1 side of the opponent that opens you up from the other side. (please note this is not negative critisism on you or your drill, I'd still practice this, but for reasons regarding hand sensitivity and the like, not for practicality during sparring or self defense) Great stuff!