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Andrew Revell
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Pinan Yodan - throws in opening sequence

I have recently explored the use of throws in the opening moves of Pinan Yodan. It uses the kata angles, hikite and thrusting forward to facilitate two different throws depending on the type of threat you are reacting to. A strike from the attacker brings you to the inside of the his field; the imbalancing effect of the hikite when executed sharply, protects you from the opposite arm. A cross grip brings to the outside of the attackers field (away from potential harm from the opposite arm). An explosive thrust forwards produces a very effective throw.

Iain Abernethy
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Thank you for sharing Andrew! I always enjoy sequences which include options and “Plan B’s”. I also like the unbalancing of the arm roll on the inside version, which is a subtlety in the kata as the arms move from the high position, to the hips, and then out, but one that is often overlooked.

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