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HEMA Cutting Tournament


I thought some might be interested in this.

Some HEMA Clubs have started to introduce additional tournaments where the goal is to deliver clean and proper cuts with the longsword under a variety of circumstances.



Roman Ostien
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Normally a cut can make a maximum number of points with reductions possible.

From one video desctiption:


Minor deductions of -5 points are small things like the piece goes flying a short distance, little things.

Medium deductions of -10 points are things like the piece goes flying a large distance, the cut was late, a small mountain was cut, the cut sprays debris

Large deductions of -15 points were for large mountaints, the cut was a poor angle (eg. a "undercut" came very horizontal), scalloping the cut, measuring up before the mat, breaking stance, the wrong cut, large step before the cut, etc.

A small penalty of -30 points is if the cut was missed completely, measuring up before the cut, the cut wasn't completed

A large penalty of -40 points for hitting the stand, hitting the floor, cutting over the lead leg, etc. Anything that demonstrates poor control of the weapon."