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Chest Blocks, Knee, and Elbow Kihon Shadow Boxing and Bag Drill


As we continue to be sheltered in place and to enjoy what Iain calls a mandatory solo training retreat (LOL!), I'm continuing to work on some practical kihon combinations. Sometimes, classical kihon training can seem impractical, or the combinations do not seem to apply clearly to a practical self-defense context. It is important that we develop kihon combinations that can be used against an enemy. Ideally, we should practice the combinations in the air, as a shadow boxing exercise (what I like to call kihon shadow boxing), then with partners holding target mitts, then in live sparring. We can also train these practical kihon combinations solo, doing a session of kihon shadow boxing followed up by repetitions on a heavy bag. The following video demonstrates a shadow box and heavy bag drill for the following kihon combination: outside chest block, inside chest block, knee strike, elbow strike. (I realize different systems label inside and outside chest blocks differently...) I hope you enjoy!



Iain Abernethy
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Nice video that David with some great points made. Thanks for sharing!

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