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Les Bubka
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Karate doesn't work in a phone box!

Today my guest is Gary Savage BJJ expert and author of the book with controversial title: Karate doesn't work in a phone box. I really enjoyed the conversation,  we have covered mental health aspects of martial arts. Gary have a Bipolar disorder making his life a  roller coaster.


If you would like to find out more about Gary please follow links below:




Iain Abernethy
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Les Bubka wrote:
my guest is Gary Savage BJJ expert and author …

I’m really looking forward to listening to this one. Gary and I go back a long way. At one point in time (before I started writing) we both ran martial arts groups in my hometown and shared a few students. We trained and taught together on occasion too. Good guy who loved to share information and is well respected. Should be a great listen!

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