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Naihanchi Static Vs. Live Drills

Hey everyone,

I put this video together to illustrate the limitations of static drills and the importance of live drilling to develop skills that can really serve us in fighting and self-defense. Familiar concepts to most on this forum but something I would like to see more common in bunkai. Thanks

Jeb Chiles
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Totally agree with more live drilling and increasing resistance. I think we basically do the same drill with dirt thrown in! Great video keep up the awesome work! Jeb

Iain Abernethy
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Great video! Too few karateka understand this and do this. Relating it to my four aspects of kata practise:

1) Solo Form – Most karateka do this.

2) Practise the Bunkai – A smaller number do this (although is growing all the time).

3) Identify and internalise the underlying principles so you can adapt and vary – A even smaller number do this.

4) Gain live experience of doing it – A minority do this.

We need ALL four aspect of the kata process to be in play in order to fully realise kata’s value.

Thanks for posting!

All the best,