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"Low Walking Stance" in Won Hyo and Hwa Rang

Can anyone enlighten me about the Korean name for the low walking stance used in Won Hyo, Toi Ge and Hwa Rang?

In Won Hyo it is when execute a scooping block with the rear arm, replicating Heian Nidan. In Toi Ge and Hwa Rang it when you execute low x-fist blocks. It is something like "Nachyo sogi."

It's not in my club's syllabus book, nor Stuart's books.

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yeah man thats right low stance is nacho sogi

in the forms i learnt the first time we use it is for sonbadal nooloio magki in jhoon gun

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No, we do those in standard walking stance.

Maybe TKD is evolving more than we think.

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In Won-Hyo, the circular blocks are executed in (Normal) Walking Stance (Gunnon Sogi). There are no low stances in Won-Hyo btw,

Nor are there any low stances in Toi-Gye or Hwa-Rang. All are done in (Normal) Walking Stance (Gunnon Sogi).

Low stance however, is Nacho Sogi and first appears in Joong-Gun Tul.