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Mayweather using techniques that can be found in kata

 Hey guys.

Here is a clip of Floyd Mayweather Jr. doing some unorthodox movements to set up strikes and break up clinches.

Alot if not all of these movements can be found in various kata. I'm a Naihanchi shodan man, so that is what I tend to see, but the movements are in most katas. I thought it was cool to see a boxer using such methods. It gives it some context. I remember one of Iain's articles on james figg and how boxing used to be a complete art which may have resembled the original Karate. This reminded me of that. I I thought you'd want to take a look. 


P.S.- Closely watch moves 2-6. Very Karate like.

Iain Abernethy
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That’s an interesting video! I too can see some similarities with kata methods; particularly with regards to using the non-striking hand to jam, control and create space. Thanks for sharing that.

All the best,


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 Not a problem!

Always glad to participate in such a great forum!