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Brian Crighton
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Weight Training For Martial Arts

I thought you might find this usefull. I have been doing it twice a week now for a while and have found that it has improved my punching and kicking power. Try it and let me know what you think.


michael rosenbaum
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Many of the lifts you're doing I also use.  I think your routine is agood one. I would add however, since many of the lifts are full-body, to make sure you use proper form.  ITs not how much you lift, but how you lift it and often younger karate-ka get caught up in the "how much can I lift" mindset which leads to injuries.  Keep lifting, take that iron pill, its good for everyone.


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Nice one Brian. I do similar things using kettlebells, resistance bands, and a Bulgarian bag, but there are a few exercises in your set that I'll have to look into. I agree with Mike about using good form because I have injured myself doing things poorly.

My personal workout is interval based rather than repetition based. I do four "sets" of exercises where "set" is comprised of 8 30 second intervals with a 30 second break between sets. The idea is that you go flat out on an exercise for 30 seconds, then change exercises. The exercises vary and the overall the whole body gets a damn good workout. After approx 18 minutes I am absolutely exhausted and I've found that overall strength and body conditioning has improved significantly. Many of the exercises you're doing would fit right into my workout.

Thanks for sharing.

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I find that just blixing a varied press up style routine has also been beneficial as I have no gym/weights.

thanks for the upload