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Hwa Rang Back Stance/Punch Application


What does everyone think about the back stance/punch combinations moving back to the starting point in hwa rang? Possible bunkai, in my opinion, could be some sort of trip.  The low block/back stance reverse punch combination towards the beginning and back stance reverse punch/low x block/ slide in elbow combination are interesting as well. I think the latter could be a neck break (see The Basics of Bunkai: Part 3

Well, any creative ideas?


Oerjan Nilsen
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Hi Nate. I do not practise the Chang Hon forms myself, but I have watched the pattern on youtube. This one, and if I understand you correctly then the sequence you are most interested in starts at 31 seconds into the form.

The first thing I notice when I see this is that he turns 90 degrees to the left before doing low block with the left arm in what we call long front stance. I often se this as a straight armbar found in most martial systems around the world. The performer then shifts his weight to the back (into back stance) and punches in the middle. I "read" this as after doing the arm bar (or arm break) he grabs the uppermost part of the arm (or the shoulder) and drags the oponent into his punch with the change of his weight aiding in the draging the oponent into the punch. The punch is done in the mid section but in application if you buy my low block = arm bar theory then the punch actually conects with his head (or temple if you want to be mean). 

The then the pattern follows with walking forward in back stance two more times punching in the mid section (video ca 32-35 sec). Here I think you have a classic example of the same technique in different uses. You say some sort of trip, but could this be the same as I am thinking of?

You secure your oponents arm with your (in this case) left arm, stepping past your oponent you drag your oponents arm toward your hip, extend your arm across your oponents body and use this to trip your oponent over your right (forward) foot?

For the third strike I would suggest a very simple intrepretation: your oponent has gotten a hold of your wrist, step forward pulling your captured arm toward your wrist and strike his floating rib or in his arm pit with your other hand? (This works best with a cross grip e.g he holds your left arm with his left arm)

But all this is just something that popped into my mind after watching the youtubeclip. I have not pressuretested any of these (except for the arm bar, punch combo but in my patterns there is no change into back stance. You either remain in long front stance, or you shift your weight forward by moving forward into long front stance.

Is there anyone anyone else out there who feel the urge to be creative today?:)

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To me its  a side slip, with a (triangle) choke (the striking arm). Can also be used as a slip/punch type of combo!


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Here is the x-block elbow sequence as a throw.