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i was wondering on the stretching programs people do. I tend to find myself stretching for mainly splits-front/side. the problem i have is that it takes me 20-30 mins to get anywhere decent, and then the next day i start from the same position again.

I have read tom kurz's book and everything else i can find. I do the dynamic stretching in the morning, train at least 2-3 times a week and go to the gym but always find it hard to get motivated for splits stretching.

the reason i would like to do the splits would be just to say i can do them, and that it would help with my kicking.

i am very tiight in the hips and in the hamstrings. doesanybody have good motivational techniques that they use, or different methods to the usual, pnf, contract and then stretch method?

am i the only one!!!!!


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No you're not. In my case I'm often too lazy/demotivated to do it. I've got no one to blame but myself sad

Gary Chamberlain
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Old fashioned way:

I used to do a few sets of mawashi geri onto a bag with an old belt tied round it.  That was the 'minimum height' and when I managed to get every kick above it without losing power I slid the belt up an inch ready for the next workout.

After a while I was kicking reasonably well on each leg, although I was still poor at full splits.

I found that method more useful than static stretching.


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i was even thinking, to try and motivate myself more, it would be easier to post either stats or even pictures on how far I went down or how easier it was to kick a little bit higher.

maybe every week I might post something. at least then I would have to do the stretching!!!!

i know for street applications kicking to the lower regions is more ideal, but i always wanted to try the high kicks!!!

when i fist started out many years ago i was able to kick higher and was quite far down but now old age has gotten to my bones,joints and mind!!!

see you in  a week with details!!!