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Street Jiu-Jitsu Vs Sport Jiu-Jitsu

I tried to embed this video but just can't figure it out and believe it or not google didn't help.


Zach Zinn
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Watched this the other day...

I like everything they are saying up until they discuss the guard and the tactics they advocate.

I loved the pyramid thing, and really like the ideas about the core being self defense, and sport being an extension, they seem to make only vague mention of what a "street fight" actually is to them. In addition they are teaching to close distance, use a takedown and go to the ground...possibly even pulling guard? I think that's a dangerous strategy for 'self defense".

However, maybe by streetfight they don't mean self defense...so yeah, if a streetfight means one guy, likely with no weapons, and no interference from the enviornment or others, then sure it's a great idea.

I really appreciate the sentiment behind this, it's really rare to see this kind of candor about combat sport on the internet, but I really think there are some huge holes in what they are saying if the equate this "streetfighting" with self defense scenarios.

Iain Abernethy
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diadicic wrote:
I tried to embed this video but just can't figure it out and believe it or not google didn't help.

Hi Dom,

The only person who can embed videos is me :-) That’s so I can check all videos are appropriate before they are “live” on this website. When people post the links, I will do the embedding the next time I am on line. So just post the links and I’ll take care of the rest :-)

All the best,


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At least I now know why I couldn't get it right.   

Thanks for the info.  cheeky


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Funny, I use almost that exact diagram with my students...   We call the point of the pyramid "core" combatives and the secondary domain "martial artifice" but that is essentially the concept... primary 'self-defense' skills at the heart with additive secondary skills over time.  And I draw ours with 'rays' such that it looks like the head of a pencil... i.e  each 'facet' represents a categoric skill domain.  So the 'core' ends up being comprised of a few primary mechanics from each domain.

Jon Sloan
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"The most effective form of street self defence" seems a little bit too much hyperbole for me. I really do hope he/they don't truly believe that. You could make arguments either way about it being a 'good' form of self defence but 'the most effective'? No one should be making that kind of claim.

Zach Zinn
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I've seen a number of BJJ schools market themselves using stuff like this. I think one of them in my hometown had something like "Proven: The Most Effective Martial Art in The World"