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shukokai kata bunkai


Does anyone know of any good bunkai material for the kata's jurokono, matsukase, jiin and ananku?

Have no idea on the relationship between these katas and others or any other information other than how they are performed unfortunately. The only information I have is of the creator of ananku and a bit about his teaching methods. 

Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.



Black Tiger
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I always found Shukokai Bunkai to be very channelled to being attached by a karateka with a step forward and punch or kick attack as opposed to being grabbed or a "swinging sucker punch"

One thing I can say and I'm sure Iain and everyone else has said, there is NO wrong Bunkai to the kata just your interpretation to it.

If you are loking for clarity to see if what you are doing is correct, look at the pinan series or Naihanchi or other Kata that do have feasible Bunkai as I am sure similar techniques, stances and strikes will be found repeated somewhere down the line

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Thanks Black Tiger. Yeah am can see your point. Remember a great piece of bunkai history about techniques being taken from kata which could be held as complete fighting systems in thier own right and the being incorporated into the Pinan kata. 


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I trained Sankukai years ago, Sankukai came from Shukokai and retained many similair things - there was very little bunkai taught from the classical kata and what was taught IMO was not very functional.

Shukokai as I understand it was developed by Tani Sensei from Shito Ryu and was very much a modern development, some great mechanics inc the double hip concept were 'championed' in this Ryu.

Just my experience, but I felt we focused far to much on learning tons of different kata as opposed to what a few kata were for.