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Iain Abernethy
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Functional Patterns MMA Core Training Workout 2013

Here is a video that you may all find interesting! Some really cool stuff in this video very well executed.

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Sebastian B.
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I´m not sure, if some of the exercises aren´t bad for the joints (when he is just swinging the weights for example). But  nice done at all.

Zach Zinn
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Don't think it should be bad for the joints unless the shoulders aren't packed while doing it..

This kind of thing is not so different from older styles of weight, flexibility, and movement training, you can find similar in Okinawan Karate, many forms of internal and external Chinese arts, to name a few.

It really cracks me up how alot of trends in fitness (ketllebells, clubs, bodyweight exercise, stuff like this video) are actually just renditions of the same stuff that has been martial exercise for millenia.

That is of course not to detract from the video, I liked it alot and thought it was excellent.

FYI to anyone who laughs at stuff like Qigong, but thinks this is awesome - some of the movement is either directly taken from, or is coincidentally identical to basic qigong movements, say nothing of it's similarity to physical training found in so many traditional arts.

What's old is new!

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looks like my garage :-)

i wish

nicely done, but i was a convinced functional movement guy in the first place.