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Iain Abernethy
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Introduce Yourself!

Welcome to members new and old! Please post a few lines to introduce yourself to all other members!

It would be great if people would make their first post their introduction. It’s only polite, after all :-)

All the best,


Eric Forsythe
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Hi all,

Eric Forsythe from Belfast.  Been training a few years now..

Website looks great and look forward to opportunities for learning from posts, podcasts, articles and conversing with people.

All the best,


Lee Richardson
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I've been on the old site for a number of years now, but never seemed to get around to introducing myself, so here goes:

My name's Lee. I'm in my early forties (I've reached the age of becoming increasingly vague about the actual number, you understand) and have trained in karate since my mid-twenties. I dabbled with judo at school, but not with any passion. I started at a Shotokan club, simply because it was near my home. Having nothing to compare it with it took me a little while to start to wonder if I'd made a good choice. Seeing one of the instructors 'ageing' his belt with a pair of scissors, by scraping the blade down the edges to fray it, was my first clue. An argument between the two instructors as to the proper sequence of a particular kata, which was resolved by one of them bringing out a book to prove his point, was my next (and last).

I left and joined another Shotokan club a little further away and stayed with it until the instructor closed it down for not being profitable enough. Shopping around I found another club (Wado Ryu this time) in the same leisure centre. I found the style more to my tastes (shorter, more natural (for me, anyway) stances and far fewer kata to learn) and worked my way through to Shodan.

At some point during my brown belt years I came across an article in Martial Arts Illustrated by one I Abernethy which made me question what I was doing and how I was doing it. Hitherto the only applications that I'd been shown for kata techniques were dubious at best (defences against karate-style attacks ) and apocryphal at worst ('Sensei A N Other said it was a defence against so-and-so attack'). Although I enjoyed learning and practicing Wado's Ohyo and Kihon Gumite drills I began to wonder just how pragmatic they were and if my time could be better spent on other things.

Nearly two years ago I thanked my instructor for all that he had given me and set up my own club, Halifax Jissen Karate-Do, and have never looked back. Along with Mark Bonner we have created our own syllabus which we believe gives our students good, solid and most importantly pragmatic techniques and skills for their self-protection.

We deliberately didn't include a style in the club's name as we didn't want to be pigeon-holed and limited in our training. Although our core style is Wado we look to other styles and arts for workable techniques. Our club is very much self-protection orientated and we look to the likes of Peter Consterdine, Geoff Thompson, Al Peasland, Lee Morrison and others for inspiration.

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G'Day from Down Under!

My real name is Nigel and I live, work and play in Western Australia.  I have been training for 20 years and am currently a Godan.  I run my own school and teach a Shotokan based Karate, Japanese Ju Jitsu and Okinawan Matayoshi Kobudo.  I hope I find enought time to contribut here ( I already am on a few other forums and contribute heavily on those - just gotta find the time!)

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I was on the old forum as Haze. Been training in Goju / Okinawan Karate on and off since 1987. The last 3yrs or so I have been looking at / for a more practical side of things.

Dave@Modern Com...
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Good to be here - and nice looking site.

I'm David from Merseyside, I've been invloved in close quarter combat training for 20+ years, the last 10 of which have been instructing, hosting training programs and running the modern combatives group.

We've just had our annual group get together and it was a blast.

Hope to be able to contribute to the new site.



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Hi All

I was on the old forum (not as much as I would have liked) and have re joined to be here.  The new site looks great and can not wait to surf around.  Have been training for the last 20 years off and on, steadily for the past 12 +.  Great to have a community like this to interact with.  Looking forward to the new ideas, podcasts, posts etc.


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My name is Oliver Thornton, have been training in wado ryu for approx 12 years now, as well as 4 years WTF Tae kwon do before that.  Last year I started my own club, practicing traditional wado mixed with a bit of practical applications and some of the sport aspect.  Makes for a good combination, although I want to develop my practical side of things.

All in all, here to learn from everybody, as well as possibly giving some advice if needed!



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My name is Cheryl Boivin and I live in Calgary, Alberta Canada. I started karate 10 years ago and have never left, I am currently working on grading to Shodan in shindo.

Everyone have a great day.


Neville Smith
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Fantastic website, nice and easy to navigate.

Heres a a little bit of info about me. Im 32 and have been practicing karate since the age of 13, i currently hold the grade of sandan. I was graded to sandan by our cheif instructor Mr Charles Mack, who himself lived and trained in Japan under the, then, Head of the JKA , sensei Nakayama.

For the last 8 years ive been really interested in the bunkai of kata, ive always believed there must be more to kata than the unrealistic applications that are often seen. Since reading books and watching dvds from people such Mr Abernethy, Patrick Mccarthy etc, i realised there was more out there, realistic applications that do work.  . Now im just hooked. The more i research the more i enjoy it. Big thanks goes out to Mr Abernethy for producing such great dvds.



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I'm new to the forum. I'm not training at the moment but I'm hoping to get back into it soon. My main style was Goju but I've also done some Shotokan and Wado. I've only been training for about 5 years so I'm a relative newbie to MA.

Leigh Simms
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Im 20 and have been doing Karate (Shotokan-based) for the last ten years. Help out teaching my instructor as well as having my own club (whereby my instructor helps me). These clubs are with the MSKF (Midland Shotokan Karate Federation). 

I have dabbled in other styles of karate and martial arts, virtually covering most areas. Most self-study is from videos and books of BJJ, and Geoff Thompsons Self-Protection.


Mark B
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My name's Mark. Along with Lee Richardson I run Halifax Jissen Karate. For my own personal Combative Karate I base my own system exclusivly around Naihanchi, which we also study in depth as a group. The work of Lee Morrison is also a major influence, along with Peter Consterdine,Geoff Thomson and Al Peasland, however the greatest influence has been Iains Bunkai Jutsu

John Homerstone
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Hello All

My name is John Homerstone, I have been training since 1972 predominately in karate but also Judo, Aikido, Jujitsu, Hung Gar and Southern White Crane Kung Fu amongst others

I am here to learn from your guys and maybe give you some "food for thought" as well. My interests at the moment are in Okinawan White Crane Kata and Bunkai. Particularly the Kata Hakutsuru Ichi and Ni, Paipuren,  Tensho, Nipaipo and Kumemura Hakutsuru

See you on the forums




Mr P
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my name is Alan. I've been training in shotokan for six years and managed to reach shodan. Definatly in the over 40's plodding along club. Recently started jujitsu so that I could learn and experience locking, throwing and escape techniques.

My username is my old nickname from work.

All the best for the new website and forum.


Alan Pope

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My name is Andy and i'm from chelmsley wood in Birmingham.  I've been training in Wado Ryu for 17yrs and am currently a second dan.  Hopefully be getting my third next year.  I'm hoping to open up my own Karate classes in the near furture so any advice people can give me would be great.  I'm sure i'll be posting a lot of questions about training methods as soon as my new classes start.

Hope to speak to you all soon.


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My name is Matt Sylvester. I started Taekwondo in April 1991 and started learning pressure points in November 1995 with Prof Clark of the Ao Denkou Kai. Since then I have done a number of martial arts including Boxing, Fiore De Libieri, Kenpo, Shunryu Kemp, Shotokan Karate, WTF Taekwondo, Lee Sansum's FAST, Jim Wagner's RBPP, and a bit of BJJ, JKD Grappling and Sambo.

I was Technical Consultant and Contributor for Combat Magazine, TKD & Korean Martial Arts Magazine, Fighters Only Magazine and Traditional Karate Magazine for over a year before I moved on to writing my first book 'Practical Taekwondo: Back to the Roots', (https://sites.google.com/site/pmapublishing/buy-the-book) pressure testing my martial arts and myself as a Door Supervisor.

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Hi. i'm Richard Overill, based in Essex UK. I started training in Shotokan karate-do at the tender age of 46. 14 years on I'm training in Yoseikan karate-jutsu & kobudo. I've also been fortunate to have had the opportunity to train in Cantonese Wing Chun in Hong Kong, northern shaolin gongfu in Henan Province, and Shuri-te lineage karate on Okinawa during the past 4 years.

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Tony Bell in sunny Wales here. Iain the sites looking crackin' - nice one! ...plus I reckon you must be sitting glued to your monitor, that was the quickest approval response in I don't know how long laugh

Quick bit about me as we're here on intro's: been into all things martial since five years old which means I'm "only" 11 years behind Mr Dave T (50 years on the mat yesterday, now that's not bad going eh?) Started with Judo, moved onto a bit of Shotokan then Wado (suited my short legs better) whilst still at the Judo. Various military combatives followed before getting seriously into traditional Jujitsu. Still felt some things didn't quite "get there" so after a further decade of intense study founded Nyojitsu Combat this year. In my spare time I'm  also "master assessor" level within the SDF UK (now incorporated into ASMAA) teaching pure (self) defence systems and concepts.

Life's what you make it!

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Hello everyone,

I am in my early 30's and train mainly in TKD, at the time of writing I am a 3rd Kup (red tag) student. I also dabble in combat jujutsu. Therefore, I still have a lot to learn! My TKD instructor is very knowledgable on realistic pattern applications so I am developing an interest in this aspect of the martial arts. I am very enthusiastic about the martial arts and I am constantly reading interesting articles, books and surfing martial arts websites. I feel that so much top quality information is available to martial artists today.

I imagine (being a novice in comparison to the more seasoned martial artists already commenting) that I am going to be more of a "lurker" on these boards but I will chip in now and again if I feel that I have something to contribute or share. I look forward to learning from you all.

Thank you :)

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Hi folks, I am returning to Shotokan after a lay off enforced by a heart attack and bypass.  Not far from 50 now, am looking forward to training and learning for shodan grade - was preparing for this when my heart gave out broken heart.

Away from karate I am a GP and have persuaded some of my patients and their kids to join me at the karate club (TSKAGB).

Am looking forward to learning more about martial arts through this site as well as tips for improving my teaching and training.

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Hi I am Andrew Paxton 

I ask for my usual name of Superjock but got stuck with Jock smiley Never mind Jock will do.

Started training in shotokan in Scottish borders in 1983 after a few years I moved to Hexham in Northumberland where I trained with a well known sensei there for a few years. It was at this stage I was introduced to Gojuryu and instantly took to it. Why? Because I was crap at competition and goju was more real at the time. (Things have changed for the better in other styles over the years thanks to the likes of Ian, Harry Cook, Patrick McCarthy and Vince Morris to name a few). 

I moved to NZ 10 years ago and struggled hard to find a karate club that interested me (I tried a few styles) most were either sporting or kyusho magic bullet type stuff. Don't get me wrong kyusho has it's place but.........................so after 8 years training in my garage hitting things I need a training partner so I started my own wee club. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Daidokan-Karate-Club/149024661796910

We do things a wee bit different to the 'normal' run of the mill karate club...........but it's probably not that far removed from what you guys in here are doing. Anyway I've prattled on enough see you guys in the forums.


Andrew Paxton

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Hi All,

My name's Nick Holden, and I'm based in South-East France, on the outskirts of a city called Grenoble, where I teach English to French adults.

I've been on the forum for a while now, not really posting a huge amount, but soaking up everything I can learn from you highly knowledgeable folk out there!

I started Shotokan Karate in 1990, graded to 1st Kyu, and then ended up spending a large number of years either training by myself, due to working constraints or being at University, or training in Ju-Jitsu or Aikido due to a knee injury.  Moved to France in 2003, joined a Shotokan club over here and trained with them for a few years, then moved to a different area so had to leave this particular club.  However, now I have found a Shito-Ryu club, so I have started training with them and am looking forward to discovering a new style.  I was really looking for something along the lines of Iain's teachings, but I don't think it has reached as far as France yet, so I will have to take what I can get.

Outside the Dojo, I like weight-training, Mountain-biking and Running, so like to keep active as much as possible.

Look forward to sharing with you all.


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Hi All,

Look forward to the new site bedding in - if you don't know me I train and teach Okinawan Seito Matsumura Shorin Ryu Karate & Kobudo in Sussex, I have been training now 25 years and I try and have a balance between realism and the traditon.

Look forward to speaking with you all.

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Hey ya!

My name is Mark Ridler, I live in the West Midlands at have been studying Shukokai Karate for the last 12 years with the Shukokai Karate Association.

I’ve attended a few of Iain’s seminar’s and was booked to attend the now cancelled Premier Karate Course in October that Iain was going to be teaching on.

I've also trained in Chow Gar Kung Fu, Tai-Jutsu and a little Shotokan Karate.

I'm a mad biker and enjoy long distance challenges and think nothing of heading to Whitby for breakfast (300 mile round trip)  blatant plug alert! And run my own website at www.RigsVille.org.uk

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Hello! All:

   My name is Lee Norris. I started training in Goju in1962 in Japan.Came home 1964 ,opened 1st karate dojo in Orlando. Closed in 1971 due to job transfer. Took number of years off in 70's to work on mental end of martial arts.Moved to Gainesville,Florida in 1971 .Build private dojo at home in1984.Have trained continuous since then.I train 5days a week 3hours  a night. Karate not about about rank ,but knowledge and application. Have really enjoyed Sensei Abernethy site. Have presently been sidelined doing battle with cancer but hope to find self defense that works. I'm a student of martial arts and try to be the best one can be at 70 years of age.  Thanks again for GREAT SITE.

Matthew Matson
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I'm back. LOL, I've been formally training in Asian Martial arts since 1999. I study Wado karate as taught by Tatsuo Suzuki (WIKF) and Takamura ha shindo yoshin ryu (koryu sogo bujutsu) I have also have studied wrestling boxing and European sword fighting. I have had karate training in Japan, Portugal, Puerto Rico, and all over the USA. I have a Masters degree in Sports Performance and injury prevention. I have been a personal trainer/athletic trainer since 2001.  Along with my traditional karate and old school jujutsu studying I am also a coach for our karate competition team. I teach physical education at a local college (Cardio kickboxing, Self-Defense Karate, and Pilates, both credit and non-credit courses) along with teaching at our dojo.  i had a 6 month break in training in fall 2000 spring 2001 where I went through cancer treatment.  After my surgery before my treatment started I went back for one class then was out until the spring with treatment. in 2004 my nephew got cancer and i dropped everything to help my sister out 1,350 miles away in Jackson Hole Wyoming. I trained with an affiliate school in Utah while I helped my family out in Wyoming. I have competed in 2 WIKF world championships the 2005 in Dallas Texas and 2008 in Braga Portugal. i plan on competing in the 2011 WIKF world championships in Dallas Texas.

Lee Taylor
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Hi Everyone

Names' Lee have been training since I was 11, firstly in Wado-Ryu now in Shito-Ryu Shukokai. 3yrs ago I left my job in a crisp factory to teach karate full time. Its the hardest thing I have ever done, and it's the best thing I have ever done! Have been involved with Iain for a while now, have also completed Geoff's Masterclass and currently working with Al Peasland. My karate clubs are called Shushokan which means 'effort and result are one,' or a more budo translation of 'to master the way you must become the way.'

Hope to be more involved on this fantastic new site!


Mathieu Coton
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Hi! I'm Mathieu and I'm from Belgium.

I've been into karate since being 10 years old (regretably with many lengthy pauses). I began with Wado-Ryu as a kid, then switched to Shotokan, then to Shito-Ryu... Now, after a rather lengthy time away from karate, I returned to Shito-Ryu a few years ago and am preparing my shodan test.

About a year ago I came across books and DVDs by people like Iain Abernethy or Lawrence Kane and this completely changed my vision of karate (for the better). Now, I plan to go further this way and hopefully I will be able to attend the bunkai jutsu seminar in Idar Oberstein so I can put to practice the theory I picked up!

Brian Jones
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Hi all,

Nice to be here.  I'm a martial arts practioner in the middle of the US.  I practice strictly for self-defence... I'm not much into the trophy thing.  I am teaching a few friends and family members Hapki Kong Soo Do and La Canne at the present time. 


Brian Jones

Andrew Smith
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Hi to all,

I have been training for 16 years in traditional Shotokan Karate and am a 2nd Dan graded by Hanshi Shiro Asano, 9th Dan SKIEF.

I train at least three times a week at a purpose built dojo.  My Sensei is a 6th Dan and is a full time instructor.

I have followed Ian's website for a couple of years now and enjoy his articles and podcasts.  Congratulations on the new look site Ian, its excellent.