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Iain Abernethy
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141 page free e-book on The 36 Kumite Gatas of Wado-Ryu

On this webpage you can download a free 141 page e-book on “The 36 Kumite Gatas of Wado-Ryu” written by Timo Klemola. It’s a well presented and thorough e-book and one I’m sure you’ll all want to download: http://www.visioi.net/33

The contents of this book are:

1. The structure of the kumite katas
2. Taisabaki no kata in wado-ryu
3. Kumite gatas 1 - 36
4. The three elements of kumite gata and  wado-ryu as a style
5. Kuzushi - breaking the balance
6. Kyusho-jutsu of wado-ryu

I hope you enjoy it!

All the best,


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Hi Iain,

Thanks for this, i'm sure it will be a good read.  We have just started studying these where I train.


Kevin Woods
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Great free ebook!! Well written and easy to follow. Thanks Sensei!