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Lionel Froidure
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2 sweeps on Mawashi Geri

Hi guys,

I've just made another video about sweeps. This time on Mawashi Geri, round house kick.

You may find something interresting on it, or not.

How do you it?

Have  agreat day. Take care and have great keiko. 

PS: Don't forget to turn on english closed caption, as I am talking in french. 

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Both the mawashi-geri and mae-geri methods you showed are ones that we use, among many. Thanks for sharing!  

Les Bubka
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Hi Lionel

Nice video, we use them as well, and few others.

Our emphasis is more on blocking the kicking leg above the knee and shortening the distance.

kind regards


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I like them both!

The first one looks like a variation on nodo osae that I teach, and the second like a variation on katawa guruma!

Lionel Froidure
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Thank you guys for your replies and feedback. Take care.