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4 Flow Drill methods to optimize your Karate and Martial arts

Hey Guys, I have a new video which will premiere this Wed Aug 12 10am EST on Youtube.

I am excited to share this with you as it represents my training method.  It is a special video collab with Ken Knight Sensei aka @kenfutv on Youtube.

Here is the video summary:

SUMMARY: This is a special collaboration project between myself and Sensei Ken Knight of Kenfutv on Youtube. Here I show you 4 of the ways I develop flow drills to develop muscle memory to improve ANY technique. The process I suggest, in my opinion is comprehensive as it covers everything from technical practise to sparring. Ken will do a similar video showing you a flow drill he developed out of the same shared techniques. Go to his channel (see links below) to find his video. Here's a breakdown of the 4 Flow drilling methods:

1) Solo Drill - take any technique and rep it out until you develop habit, work it in any sequence; this engrains muscle memory and develops proper form

2) Compliant Partner Drill 1- Take the technique(s) and work it in partners, develop an attack and defence for each of the techniques, and flow back and forth in a loop; this builds timing and further develops memory for the technique

3) Compliant Partner Drill 2 - With your partner, isolate individual defences and attacks using the original techniques from Drill 1 above. Here you and your partner engrain specific responses.

4) Sparring - grapple, strike, weapons, self defence sparring/scenario training MOST IMPORTANT STEP

If you follow all of the above , you will be well rounded as a martial artist I firmly believe.

Have a great day!


Iain Abernethy
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Great video! Thanks for sharing!

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Excellent stuff. Highly inspirational. Thanks for sharing.