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5000 year old Egyptian grappling art - Beni Hasan Jutsu

There have been a couple of posts with references to Egyptian martial arts painted on to tombs in the desert, but there were no pictures, so when I saw the following, I thought I'd post it.


Below is a tracing of what could be made out of the painting on the tomb walls.








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Iain Abernethy
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Thanks for posting that! Very cool and futher proof that there is nothing new under the sun!

All the best,


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I'm not really sure how to read it, but I'm pretty sure I see an O-Goshi and Tomoe-nage among lots of others.

Either the Egyptians invented Judo, or many cultures had their own wrestling systems containing much in common (in which case it seems to be just something we do) and the only reason we don't know more about them is they didn't have a good way of recording and disseminating the info over long periods of time.

For anyone interested in archival for posterity:

Regular paper: Good for ~50 - 100 years.

Acid free paper: up to ~100 - 500 years.

Vellum: ~1000 years.

Kata: Looks like about 200 - 400 years. Unless someone can trace a specific kata back further.

Painting on to stone in a desert: ~5000 years. Which is awesome technologically, but not very portable for dissemination.

Digital media: ~5 years. If you're lucky. :)

Engraving onto stone tablets is probably the way to go.