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8 year-old wrestling wonder

I watched this video sunday. I thought this kid had above average skill for a pee-wee type wrestler. After sending it to a friend of mine to critique, he told me that:

"Someone snuck him into a judo class—koshi guruma to kesa-gatame is his favorite waza."


Obviously, the kid's a ringer. His technical skills are above his opponent's.

Regrettably, even pee-wee type wrestling has abandoned the essence of true sportsmanship. i realize that judo is a different form of wrestling, but it's obvious that winning at all costs-even through dishonest means is more important.

I think there ought to be a re-match. Have all of his opponents train in judo, then see what happens.

Andrew Carr-Locke
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This clip has been goping viral for a week. This is the 4th place I've foud it, or had it sent to me. Nice techniques for the little guy though. It's a fun 3min watch. 


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Is it really a bad thing that the kid cross trains? The koshi guruma and kesa gatame are legal and widely practiced in wrestling anyway. But I still do see your point.