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Age-uke, gyaku-zuki and leg scoop takedown (video)

This video shows bunkai for age-uke (“rising block”) and gyaku-zuki (reverse punch) against a clothing grab. It was filmed at the dojo during normal training. One thing to note is how the hiki-te (hand on the hip) is put to active use in controlling my partner’s arm and helping to open up targets. When looking at any movement in kata it is important that all parts of the movement are put to practical use: if a movement did not have a purpose it would not be in the kata.

Following the reverse punch I maintain the grip and step in to execute a leg scooping takedown. Practically, continuing to impact would be the simplest option. However, this class was made up of experienced students and hence it was appropriate to explore the more “advanced” possibilities that should be part of a wider martial arts education. Takedowns are fun too! :-)

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PS If you would prefer to watch the video on Youtube, please click HERE

Practical Kata Bunkai: Age-uke, Gyaku-zuki and Leg Scoop Takedown