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Lee Taylor
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Ananko Bunkai Part 3

The final part of the Ananko drill, Part 3 !

Following on from the bunkai drill Part 1 (https://youtu.be/AsCNHGt65sg) and Part 2 (https://youtu.be/fdWBcyelADc) This application adds the final sequence to the drill found in Ananko Kata (Ananku / Anannko) The main point of the drill is to move to an angle of advantage where further strikes can be delivered, using your partner as a reference offering barriers to overcome, and shots to deal with. It strips out the formality and standardisation of the kata to look at the basic foundation of moving to an angle of advantage, to build on that foundation before complexity of the sequence can be added.

A few more giggles to end with!

Look out for the last part of the drill which will be the related focus mitt drill.



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I've never practiced the kata but I like your applications and explanations of the moves. Makes very good sense.

Thanks for sharing. All the best,


Lee Taylor
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Thanks Marc I appreciate your kind words!

Mark Powell
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Thanks for posting Lee!