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Iain Abernethy
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Andi Kidd Lockdown Sale

Message from Andi Kidd:

Lockdown Sale

With everyone being locked in their own homes I thought that you may need more reading material.

I am offering my books for as low a price as I can (this is restricted by the publishers). So if you want a bargain then please buy these through LULU publishing as then I do get a small amount rather than with Amazon etc, where they will take all the profit and neither I nor Lulu publishing get anything and Amazon laugh all the way to the bank.

From Shotokan to the Street

If you are interested in how you can adapt your karate for the street, from mindset, through, kihon, kata, kumite and everything else, then this book is for you.

With forwards by Iain Abernethy and Rory Miller, how can you go wrong!


And if you want to see what some of the top names in karate think about what practical karate is, see

The Problem of Practical Karate

Yes, Amazon may be quicker or easier for you, but if you are interested in my work (and the work of Iain Abernethy, Dan Anderson, Elaine Clinton, Robert Davis, Chris Denwood, James Hall, Paul Herbert, Lawrence Kane, Scott Langley, Vince Morris, Matt Price, John Titchen, Steve White, Kris Wilder) then can you please support it through buying from Lulu.

With all these names and a forward by Peter Consterdine himself, this looks at the question of what Practical Karate really is!


Finally, someone bought a book on 24th May and will have spent full price. If you email me then hopefully I can offer you something to repay your support (as this should have been done by then, but I was eating cake!)

I know it’s not a lot, but I hope this helps in some way.