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Another Heian Sandan clip

I felt bad for picking on the yellow belt but he was the biggest one in class tonight. 



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Hey!  He knew all bets were off once he got on the mat.devil

Seriously though, nice and direct!


Erik P.

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Thanks Erik!

Scott McCallum
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I really like this one and the initial strike and neck hold is a great lead on from some of the bunkai i see in the intial move of Heian Nidan/Pinan Shodan, (the jodan-uke with the vertical driving punch/block - This impact on the jaw gives the mental disconnect allowing the rest of the technique to be delivered on target).  It's almost as if these katas build on each other- who knew!..(00).  Thank you for another terrific insight.


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Very tidy and quite interesting.

Aside from the Bunkai, it's interesting that there's another variation on footwork. I personally have studied Pinan in which it's a half-circle step and Heian in which it's a crescent kick.

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Thanks Tau,

Yes I've seen the stepping variations of which you speak. And certainly and inward cresent kick/step in this case would be quite effective in disrupting the lower extremities. 

Thanks for watching