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Mark B
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Application for kata Jion

Hi everyone 

It's been a while since I shared a video on the forum, so I  thought I'd share this recording we made at the end of our most recent training session. 

I am teaching a seminar in April at a dojo in Leeds in the UK (date to be confirmed ) on Jion. This is one of the templates the group will practice. It is a break out from a standing grapple which applies all the elements of this particular sequence. 

I hope you enjoy it

Iain Abernethy
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Nice video Mark and the template nicely fits with those styles that do the double age-uke (Shotokan and Wado). It would also fit nicely with the other styles that do a single age-uke simply by missing the enemy’s intermediate punch out of the sequence. As you mention in the video, some styles do an oi-zuki / junzuki on every sequence (i.e. Wado), but most go gakuzuki, gakuzuki, oi-zuki. This would fit nicely with your idea of grab / gouge / hit to drive the enemy back; with the foot position being dependant on how far the enemy moves. I always think it adds a lot of weight to a given application when it cuts across the nuances of style. Thanks for sharing!

All the best,


Les Bubka
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Thanks Mark

Very nice explenation, age uke fits perfectly on the neck, it is like for arm and neck were design for each other :)

I don't practice Jion, but your application makes complete sense. 

Kind regards


Mark B
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Thanks Iain and Les. In glad you enjoyed the clip. That's a good point regarding those whose version doesn't practice two Age Uke before the thrust, thanks. Great Point regarding Age Uke Les, I clearly had to slow the demo down significantly, and even then I shifted back ever so slightly for the second Age Uke, which the kata does not teach, but is necessary for safety. Also, to reiterate, a nice solid punch also works very nicely. When applying that option Manji Uke tends to revert to a limb clearing exercise, rather than grab release, but once clearance is achieved the application continues in much the same way. Regards, Mark

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We don't do Jion, but we do practice Chibana Chosin's three kihon kata, the third of which performs a series of jodan-uke while stepping forward, and we use a very similar approach. Thanks for sharing!