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Mark B
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Application of Nepai kata from the Bubishi- "Crane on a rock"

A very simple (simple is good) application template for the posture "crane on a rock" from Nepai. This example also teaches an intuitive continuation to the attackers energy with the application of the "windmill hands" motions. I very briefly mention the counter to a counter I teach from Aragaki Seisan but as I am teaching a seminar on Six Ji Hands, Nepai & elements of the 48 diagrams of self defence I resisted getting into Aragaki Seisan with the group.

Iain Abernethy
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Nice stuff that Mark. The opening parts is also very reminiscent of Choki Motobu’s 9th drill. The key difference being there is an attempted knee to the groin first which the enemy avoids by kicking their hips back. The leg is then vulnerable to the stamp.

Thanks for sharing!

All the best,


Mark B
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Thanks Iain. It is indeed similar to the 9th drill. I hesitated to mention that in the seminar as I wanted to stick to topic, hence only the brief reference to Aragaki Seisan. Either way it's a template I like very much. Regards