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Bag or BOB?

Hi - I don't have room to hang a heavy bag at home so I am looking at buying either a freestanding bag or maybe getting something like the BOB. I would really value people's thoughts on which would be the most useful option - particularly as the BOB is quite pricey. Any recommendations welcome. Thanks. 

Neil Cook
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i would prefer a freestanding bag than a BOB as i think it's a bit more versitile (low kicks for example). I had a freestanding bag from Blitz Sport which wasn't very good, the cover ripped easily and i couldn't buy another one.

Hope this helps

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Funny, I was just ysterday looking into getting new bags so I have some thoughts--

First, different bags give you different actions...  Everlast has a new 'BOB' with a flexible base  I think  its called the Everest(?).  The Century Bob is also good in that it is 'anatomically correct', which I think is useful.  And a plain old hanger is good for footwork and power development.

So, personally, I would say get all three, actually.  :-) 

However, you mentioned the BOB being "pricey", so I'll assume that, like me, you are subject to limited funds.  In that case, assuming you have the space (and a secure overhead structure to lag it to), I would go with a hanging Thai bag, personally (as I believe this size offers the most versatility and 'softens' the best in the right spots over time) and put the others on my Christmas wishlist.

If you do go with any kind of stand bag, I have heard that filling the base with sand and not water is better for eliminating the toe-hazard /rocking effect.  Personally, I also find most BOB-type bags to be too short, so you might also elevate it on a small platform or something (something with sides so it doesn't slide off, basically an elevated 'box').  And you can always solve the kicking thing (which is an issue) by duct taping foam or thai pads to the base and/or pole and wearing shin guards.

If you look on Youtube, there is a Kenpo guy out there who made another interesting modification to a BOB by wrapping a threaded rod around it and padding it, effectively making it into an affordable mook-jong of sorts with flexible arms.  (Search "Bob-oc").

Another problem with the adjustable stand bags is that the 'nubbins' inside the tube wear out with hard use, and it doesn't take a lot of time (we have gone through several such with facility-provided bags, which is why I keep asking for hangers. The difference is ease of portability (which is why I keep getting stuck with stand bags).  One thing I have not verified, but it looked like with the Everlast bag that the vertical adjsutments were steel and through-bolted, which, if that is really the case, would I think add significantly to the products overall durabilty.  I am also a little concerned with the flexible base bags about the durability and fatigue of the 'flex mechanism but I don't have any experience with that.

Good luck!

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PS Here's some links...

Not sure  about this one:  it looks kind of useful but the action looks REALLY slow... might be able to fix that with a bungee at the top

Michael Hough
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I'd probably echo miket's comments here. All 3 types are useful in different ways. I'd also prioritize 1) Hanging bag

2) BOB (filled with sand, not water)

3) Freestanding bag

I'll also second the BOB w/arms concept. I actually use a grappling dummy for this, but I've explored various methods of cheaply sticking an arm on a bag, none of which I've exactly been happy with. My next project will probably be one of these: