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Basic Ground Escapes Line Drill (video)

This video was filmed at a weekend seminar I taught in Denmark in September 2013.

In “Karate-Do: My Way of Life” Gichin Funakoshi (“The Father of Modern Karate”) talks about the Tegumi grappling drills of his youth. He discusses how this native Okinawan grappling art has influenced karate and how Tegumi drills are beneficial for the karateka.

One drill described by Funakoshi is being held down by one or more opponents while the person doing the drill tries to wrestle their way back to their feet. Escaping from holds / regaining the feet is obviously an important drill for self-protection and I agree with Funakoshi that such drills should be part of training: just as it was in Funakoshi’s youth.

This is a basic “line work” drill to practise escapes from underneath the enemy.

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PS If you’d prefer to watch this video on YouTube, please click HERE.

Practical Kata Bunkai: Basic Ground Escapes Line Drill