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Basic Impact Drill (video)

Here is a clip of a basic impact drill. The key aim is to get the hip motion right in order to generate maximum power and flow. The hip should always be slightly ahead of the hand so we generate torque through the torso, which will “fire” the hands into the target, and will also ensure that the bodyweight transfer is maximised. The end of one strike should also be overlapped with the beginning of the next to again facilitate correct hip motion, ensure good transitions and hence a “higher rate of fire”. This is essentially one motion that includes four strikes and it should not be thought of as four individual techniques if “breaks” in the motion are to be avoided.

The power generation methods remain the same regardless of the impacting tool. This drill can therefore be done with fists or open hands and I leave that choice up to the student. The drill is a technical one and lasts for one minute. The aim is to get the method technically correct and with good intent.

I hope the clip is of interest and I’ll be back with more soon.

All the best,


Practical Kata Bunkai: Basic Impact Drill