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Basic Pinan Nidan Takedown

Hello, everyone,

This week's Waza Wednesday was made using footage from a seminar my late Sensei, Richard Poage, taught at a Shorinkan camp in 2015, where he goes over a takedown from Pinan Nidan, using jodan-uke as a basic entry, and the turning gedan-barai to control the opponent to the floor. He also goes over a few key points related to bunkai, generally, in the context of this drill. For purposes of this demonstration, he was still working people into more practical applications from the basic 3K-style ones they were used to.

Iain Abernethy
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Very well presented. Thank you for sharing. The video is bitter-sweet for me as it both highlights the fantastic contribution Richard made to our community and his tragic passing. He would no doubt be pleased to see his work continue to help and educate others through the work of his friends, students and the footage we have of him.

All the best,