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Dave Moore
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Bassai Dai by Mark Carrol

Bought this recently due to Lee Richardsons recommendation on the brilliant Bunkai post and also as Bassai Dai  is my favourite.

The DVD is well worth the money spent and is extremely well thought out and presented.

It begins with padwork and getting into the right 'spirit' as they do so and  moves onto throws,  again with the right spirit and then onto combining all aspects as the DVD progresses with techniques shown  and  explanained to assist the person watching.

It will give you plenty to think about as it lasts one and a half hours which is pure action all the way through. The back of the box says you will feel part of the class as it moves along and I have to say I actually did.

For those who love Bassai Dai then I would recommend it



PS,  Lee thanks for recommending it

Lee Richardson
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Dave Moore wrote:

PS,  Lee thanks for recommending it

No problem Dave. His others are equally good. I find that it doesn't even matter if you know the kata itself (I'm from a Wado background and we don't have versions of some of them). It's the way he analyses and trains them that counts. His methods could just as easily be applied to other kata.

Black Tiger
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Have a look at this for Bassai



Dave Moore
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Had a look, thank you for providing the link