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Bassai Sho - End sequence

Hi all,

Recently we have been looking at Bassai Sho in our dojo. It wasn't a kata we frequently practiced so it was quite enjoyable exploring possible applications. The end sequence shown in the video is similar to a throw I practice in the Aikijujitsu club I train at. In our club it's called Sukomen, I couldn't find any reference to this online so asked in a aikido forum and the two techniqes that were offered were Sayunage and Kokyunage, they look pretty similar.



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In concept, this is very similar to an application for Tachimura no Naihanchi, and somewhat for Tachimura no Kusanku (both from KishimotoDi), although it is quite different in its execution. Thanks for sharing!

B Bates
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Thanks for watching :-) I'm not familiar with the forms you've mentioned, have you got any examples I can see or links? I'd be interested to see the differences or similarities