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Battle Rope Hojo Undo for Throws

Hello, everyone!

I know that most people consider "hojo undo" (supplementary training) to be strictly done using old-school tools like the chi-ishi (stone mallet), nigiri-game (gripping jars), makiwara, etc., but it can be done using some modern tools, as well--as long as it connects to your karate techniques, it can be considered hojo undo! Furthermore, I'm certain that the old masters would agree, had they had access to the same types of equipment we have, now. In this video, we take a look at battle ropes (which, admittedly, would have been available to the old masters, but I don't know if they thought to use them in this manner) and how they can be used to act as hojo undo for your throwing and sweeping techniques.

Iain Abernethy
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I like that. Very relevant and specific. I’ve not really used the battle ropes much myself, but one of my teachers swears by them. Thanks for sharing!

All the best,


Les Bubka
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Hi Wastelander 

Great video, I'm not a fan of battleropes as they have big potential of damaging the shoulders, along with kippling pull ups and ring dips. But in this case using them as a reasistance to specific movement its great, I prefer resistance bands, but this is a habit tranfered from wrestling to my karate. Example on the clip below.

Kind regards 


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Thank you, both! And Les, I mainly use resistance bands for throwing movements, which I carried over from my judo training. This particular battle rope exercise just also happens to work quite well for it! I'm in full agreement with you on kipping pull-ups and ring dips, but I haven't had any shoulder problems with battle ropes, myself, and I have a bad shoulder. I suppose I can see the potential for it, though, as with anything

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Hojo Undo - Supplementary Exercise

Hojo Jutsu - Rope Restrain Art

Hojo with different meanings, presumably with different kanji. Yet your idea here seems to use it in both ways

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Yes...puns might have happened over the course of filming...we just edit those out :P