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Bit of an eye-opener for some...

Saw this today posted on a Facebook group I belong to : http://www.fox10phoenix.com/Clip/11014328/activist-critical-of-police-un...

Basically a report on Fox news (I think) where the guy leading the call for a Police Officers badge after one of the many lethal uses of force by the Police was invited to undergo some scenario based training.  It certainly seems to have changed his attitude towards the use of force.  In my opinion, the most important line in the whole thing is when he said "People need to comply with law enforcement instructions."

Food for thought.

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I think this guy is great. He is an activist, but yet open-minded enough to go through these scenarios (he knew what he was going into), and to get things out of it.

We need more people like him. We need people to question why police shoot unarmed civilians, or it could become the norm, it could lead to abuse. But we need those people to be aware of both sides, and to be able to judge - as much as possible - whether shooting was justified or not. Not single-minded individuals who cry to "police brutality" and never listen to the other side. :)

So thumbs up !

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From what i've gathered most people like to think they know more than they do, and are capable of making informed judgements when they really aren't. People are holding the police up to a fantasy version of violence, and I think this is a good step forward in changing that.