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Bladed weapon thought

Something that I have to admit:

I alway have a knife on me.  With in the legal limit in my state.  I almost always forget it's there. If I ever got into a physical conflict with anyone, they could find the knife on me and kill me with it.  This was the self protection thought of the morning for me. 

Just thought I would share.


Iain Abernethy
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Here in the UK all EDC (every day carry) knives need to be less than 3 inches long, folding and non-locking. You have to have a “good reason” to have any other kind of knife in a public place and it’s up to you to prove that to the court’s satisfaction.

For my part, I often carry a Swiss Army knife as it comes in useful for all kinds of things. Not so much the blades really, but the screwdrivers, pen, pin, scissors, etc. It’s pretty much useless as a weapon – which why UK law is OK with it – so I’ve never really thought of it that way as it poses no risk to anyone (including me should it be taken off me).

All the best,


Neil Babbage
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I'm no expert, but here are my thoughts. If we assume that aren't a trained knife fighter and that you follow the "rules" of self-defence and therefore actively avoid places and situations where the need to defend yourself would arise, then carrying a knife (particularly the type that's legal in the UK) is pretty useless. You aren't going to be walking around with it ready to use and there's a good chance that by the time you've realised that you need to defend yourself, remembered that you've got a knife and then messed around getting it out the attack is probably over! 

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It is a ZT 100 5 inch blade and is Legal to carry in most states in the US.  You can buy them or similar in Home Depot.  If you could get it out.  It would be far from usless.  I have stopped holding it on my person for now.