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Blended Naihanchi/Passai Arm Lock Transitions with Richard Poage

Hello, everyone,

This week's Waza Wednesday, like last week's, features previously unreleased footage of my late Sensei teaching at our first Ryukyu Martial Arts Friendship Gasshuku. Like the last one, he is going over a blend of Naihanchi and Passai movements, but this time he is using them as ways to transition into a different lock if your opponent resists an initial armbar attempt. He does focus mainly on one lock, in particular, but goes over the concept behind it as well, and mentions two other possible options. Conceptual understanding is important to being able to adapt to the situation you find yourself in, and I see a lot of karateka moving that direction, but sometimes they can get so caught up in trying to understand the concept that they don't give much in the way of solid examples to practice, so I'm very happy to have learned from a Sensei that covered both.