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Blue dragon strikes, Nodo-Osae and Ebi-Gatame combination (video)

In this video we look at a three move traditional karate combination. All three techniques can be found referenced in the karate texts of the past: “Blue dragon strikes without warning” (Bubishi), Nodo-Osae (Rentan Goshin Karate Jutsu), and Ebi-Gatame (Karate-Do: My Way of Life).

The video was filmed at a seminar in Nuremburg, Germany in October 2015. This section of the seminar was looking at “forgotten techniques” i.e. techniques which are recorded in the classical texts, but are now largely absent from karate training. We looked at many others, but it is hoped this short combination gives a flavour of what was covered as well as illustrating that the karate of the past was much more holistic than its modern counterpart. Thankfully, the tide has now turned as we are seeing people return to a more authentic and practical type of karate practise.

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PS The YouTube link can be found HERE

Blue dragon combination