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Bunkai Impact Training--Fukyugata 1 "High Block" Combinations

I'm continuing to develop solo impact training exercises to help practice basic bunkai applications on a heavy bag. I find it to be a fun way to enhance bag work, but also I can practice the bunkai movements at higher power and intensity levels than with a partner, due to safety reasons. I can wail on a heavy bag in ways I can't (or shouldn't...LOL) wail on a partner. Iain Sensei recommended I include some bunkai instruction instead of verbally describing the bunkai application before illustrating the heavy bag exercise. I was able to piece two different videos together to illustrate one bunkai application for a combination in Fukyugata Ich (the first basic kata in Matsubayashi-Ryu) and then demonstrate working that combination on the heavy bag. Enjoy!



Mark Powell
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Thanks for sharing!