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Iain Abernethy
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Bunkai of Passai Dai (Tawada Passai) by Richard Poage

Richard Poage emailed me this video of him demonstrating his take on the bunkai of Passai Dai (Tawada Passai). It’s a nice video and I asked for permission to share it here as I think it will make a great addition to our collective resources. I hope you like it.

All the best,


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Nice video.  I particularly enjoyed the application for the choku-zuki then uchi-uke (or soto-uke, depending on style) being a strike and throw.  Personally, I haven't seen that before and I did like it. 

Kind regards

Jeff Capstick

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very nice presentation, my kind of Bunkai.

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It's pretty cool to see my Sensei on Iain's site! Thanks for sharing! I know he is wanting to make some more videos, at some point, and I'll try to do a better job of recording/editing them :P.