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Bunkai 'Study Group'

Hi all, After speaking with people on some of Iains seminars this years it appears im not alone the fact that I enjoy the study of bunkai but the practice of bunkai is frowned upon in when training in my regular class. Some of the people I spoke said it was frustrating that they were attending seminars then having no chance to practice what they had learnt. Since then I started working towards setting up a Bunkai 'study group' where people sharing this frustration can come along and have a go at practising bunkai learnt and sharing ideas with others. I am based in Birmingham (uk) and if this sounds like something you be interested in coming along too please send me a message and i'll give you the details of when were next meeting up.

Jason Lester
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Hi Andy,

you have not been alone in your thinking, we alrady have a group of us doing just that smiley

I think what you are doing is a great idea and i would be interested in coming along to learn some more smiley

We are based in Kidderminster and Bromsgrove so not that far away, ive no doubt we could even arrange the two groups getting together for regular Bunkai training/courses and seminarslaugh

If you could let me know were and when id very much like to come if ok.

Kind regards,


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Andy/Jason I think this is a great idea, I live near Tamworth (just north of Birmingham) and this is something I would most definatley be interested in.


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Hi Jason, Mark We had a great class last night with lots of different aspects covered. The aim of the was to practice some flow drills, we started the class with some stick / knife drills and disarms. Then moved onto some bunkai for Pinan Shodan / Heian Nidan which built into a drill that flows from the beginning of the kata through to the Nukite strike (video to come shortly). Following this Leigh Simms took us through a drill he was working on that linked the opening few .ovements of Kushanku / Kanku Dai which flowed round depending on the opponents actions / response. For the final part of the class we worked on 3 routines with the focus pads, the first 2 looked at striking then regaining control if the opponents strikes back and the final drill was just a basic 4 count combination to ensure correct body mechanics when delivering strikes. A really good class, thanks to thise that came over and we will meet up again soon.

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Hi,  Please find below a short video taken on one aspect of the recent group I held on 2nd May.  It goes through the first 1/3 of Pinan Shodan linking all the applications up to the Nukite together into a flowing drill.

Any comments suggestions always welcomed.