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Can anyone tell me what the last 3 hops of this kata were really for? i have heard a few stories regarding them, but not so sure about some i have heard. 

Iain Abernethy
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This video covers that. Not all versions of Chinte do the hops, so I’m pretty sure that the main reason the hops are there in the Shotokan version is to fulfil the Shotokan dictate that all kata must start and end on the same point. However, there is valid applications for the hops (even if they were not originally part of the kata). This one being my favourite.

I hope it helps.

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This video by John Burke shows another nice possible application. The same thing about the jumps shock-loading the technique applies as Iain shows for the arm bar in his video above.

Jon Sloan
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Here are some nice explorations of standing head and arm triangles that work very well for the end of Chinte. Looking at the jumps as drag downs or improving the squeeze.