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Chinto / Gankaku Bunkai - End Spin (video)

Here is a clip taken from my Bunkai-Jutsu 5 DVD which covers Chinto / Gankaku kata. This particular clip shows the application for the end spin.

The preceding motions clear a path for a grip that allows an elbow to the face to be delivered. The enemy’s head is then pulled to the side to gain better control before cranking the neck and simultaneously driving the knee into the enemy’s inner thigh. The strong follow through (as shown by the spin in the kata) will knock the enemy’s leg to one side and cause their body to fall against the neck crank; making this a very dangerous technique.

Great care must be taken in practise and, as is explained on the video, the technique needs to be adapted for safety when drilling with a partner. If you are not familiar with this method you should not be practising it unless under the supervision of a suitably qualified and experienced instructor. I hope you enjoy the clip and I’ll be back with more soon!

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Practical Kata Bunkai: Chinto / Gankaku End Spin